Why Clean My Can?

Awful SMELL...


"My can stinks" is the #1 reason customers call us for cleaning service.   The SMELL from trash cans can be overwhelmingly unpleasant to households and neighbors.

Harmful GROWTH....


Dirty cans have growing bacteria harmful to people and pets.  Along with  bacteria... pests such as flies, maggots, and cockroaches live in trash cans.

How It Works


Using "HOT HOT" Water to kill germs...

Our system sprays over 190 degree HOT water to clean and sanitize the filthiest cans.  Cold water does not disinfect, that's why we use HOT water.


The Steaming HOT water hits your garbage can at 3500 psi using a Cyclone rotating head to produce 500% more power than a water hose. 

Trash Can Valet Service

Included with your cleaning is trash can valet. We haul your fresh smelling trash can back up to your designated area, so you don't have to.